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My Blogging Resources & Tools

Discover the Fastest Way to Build Amazing Website & Landing Page.  

Find Affordabile Web Hosting on a Budget for WordPress with Unlimited Space, Free Domain for 1 Year .

Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Domain.

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Best inexpencive web hosting for all-sizes of businessesIntuitive, easy-to-  navigate control panel underpinning the service behind the scenes Extremely cost-competitive pricing -the basic package is one of the cheapest on the Web

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Thrive Themes Landing Pages

This plugin create optimized landing pages & content and Transforms Your WordPress Site into a optimized landing page.

This is The Ultimate Click-to-Edit Front End Builder for Your Website.

Thrive Content Builder provides a drag and drop interface and all the editing options.

There are 156 Templates Currently Available in the Plugin

After seeing what this new plugin does, I don’t think I can ever go back to the “normal” WordPress editor. I didn’t even know it was possible to have this kind of a completely visual editor, but there it is

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MalilerLite –  FOREVER FREE

Send Your mails Forever Free UP TO 1000 SUBSCRIBERS.                  For up to 5,000 subscribers ,You are only paying $10 a month and that includes unlimited sends. It’s the best price on market. MailerLite  has ability to disable the double opt-in.You get much better signups without confirmation email .MailerLite has Drag-and-drop Editor.You may create Email Newsletters with MailerLite!    You don’t need any HTML skills to do it.

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Article Video Robot

This tool turns words into professional videos.Get professional videos at the touch of a button.You could  create pro videos in 3 minutes even if you’ve got no video editing experience.Professional marketing videos for less than a $1?Easily Create Killer YouTube Videos With Nothing More Than an iPadHow to easily market your product on YouTube?Professional marketing videos at the touch of a buttonKiller videos in 2 mins without camera or video editing..Convert articles to amazing videos (find template) instantly.  Distribute your videos to dozens of video sharing sitesGenerate a tsunami of traffic to your websiteGet your sales & profits skyrocketing

Sign Up for Bluehost account and You will Learn more about :  How  to start Your Website for Your Internet Business?

On Bluehost and Thrive Theme’s tutorilas and Blog sites you’ll find more  about :

How to use cPanel?What a Hosting Control Center (HCC) is?

The difference between Shared, VPS, and Dedicated WordPress Hosting.

How to choose the best WordPress hosting provider for your business?

How to create and manage professional webmail accounts (email)?

How to manage WordPress files?How to create FTP accounts?                                                                            How to use 3rd party FTP clients to upload and download files (Filezilla,Kompozer)?

How to track your website visitors with BlueHost cPanel?


How to use cPanel to  improve your websites security?

What databases are used forHow to use sub-domains?How to use add-on domains?What parked domains are used for?How to back up your website?How to easily navigate cPanel?

Which promotional upgrades you should purchase?                                                                                                Which promotional upgrades you should avoid?

I hope you enjoy using this resources and tools in your business.

 Disclosure :We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

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