How to Put Sales Funnel LP Templates All Together -

How to Put Sales Funnel LP Templates All Together -NEW


New Sales Funnel LP Templates & How to Put It All Together

Getting your visitor from Point A: ‘oh, that looks like something I want‘ to Point B: actually typing in their payment details can, at times, seem like a monumental leap.

That’s why we’ve created our latest landing page set, an elegant looking sales funnel oozing with conversion boosting elements. The Clickjournalist sales page set in available now in Thrive Architect.

In the video above I’ll show you how to create the pricing page from the set, and explain a few of the conversion triggers that will push your visitor to buy.

How To Turn Landing Pages Into a Funnel

In the Internet Marketing world, the term funnel is thrown around more often than insults on a Jerry Springer show.

But what does a funnel even mean? And more importantly, how the heck do you make one out of a random set of pages?

First let’s start with the definition…


A funnel refers to a series of touch points or ‘steps’ that move the visitor towards a specific conversion goal. These steps are most commonly in the form of either landing pages, lightboxes or emails.

In order to create the funnel for the ClickJournalist sales page set, let’s take a look at all the steps involved.

– This arrow means the visitor moves from one page to the next. In the funnel above, that happens by a visitor clicking a button on each page, which in turn takes them to the next page.

We’re still stuck in the conceptual here, so let’s real world it up…

how to put sales funnel lp templates all together -new How to Put Sales Funnel LP Templates All Together -NEW funnel diagram opt

And there’s your funnel! These can get infinitely more complex, and take advantage of other mediums such as email, but if you’re just selling a single product this set could be all you need.

Put a Link on It!

In the first step of the funnel, the sales page, there are call to action (CTA) buttons throughout the page. When a visitor click this button to register their interest, they’ll be taken to the next page in the funnel.

Linking to the next step of the funnel is as simple as adding the URL of the pricing page in the button options drop down:

how to put sales funnel lp templates all together -new How to Put Sales Funnel LP Templates All Together -NEW button link

Get That Dough

For the next step in the funnel, you need to take your visitor to an external payment processor so they can hand over their money. How you do this depends on your payment processor.

Some payment processors, such as PayPal, will give you a link that you can add to your buttons in the same as above. When a visitor clicks the button/link they’ll be taken to a purchase page where they can enter their payment details.

Others payment processors are slightly more complicated to set up, and it really depends on their method. Some offer a dedicated WordPress plugin, others offer HTML codes that you can add to your page using a Custom HTML element within Thrive Architect.

How About a Thank You?

No matter who you’re using for payment, once the transaction has gone through you’ll need to send your customer details on what’s happening next.

Now I’m going to be completely honest here; we can’t help with step. How you do this heavily depends on what you’re selling, and the functionality of your payment processor, and what other programs you’re using.

If your system doesn’t automatically provide your customer with access to your product, you may want to send them to the thank you / download page in the ClickJournalist set. From here they can either download what they purchased, or you can give them details on what’s going to happen next.

Having a dedicated thank you page in your funnel ensures a pleasant, polished experience for your customer.

Rather than handing over their hard earned cash and suddenly being abandoned on your payment processors default confirmation page, they get taken back to the familiar design style to the sales page, where they’re thanked for their purchase and guided through the next step.

In order to send your customers back to the ClickJournalist thank you page after payment, you’ll need to search something along the lines of ‘redirect after payment’ within your payment processor’s knowledge base, or Google, for instructions on how to set it up within your particular payment processor.

Like I said, not much help, but we figure giving you instructions on where to find the answer is better than leaving you completely in the dark.

What Helps You Most?

So there you have it, a complete, albeit simple, sales funnel. I hope the information here helps you put together your own killer funnel.

For us to create more useful content like this in the future, we want to hear from you.

What part of this post did you find most useful? The new landing page set? The funnel diagram? Where do you still feel in the dark?

Let us know in the comments below.

Author: Stephanie Kelly

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